Those who have gone on leave say it was a good experience, but some face problems getting reinstated.

Demystifying Leave of Absence

story | Regina Marie Lee, Staff Reporter photo | Yang Xuerui Recent events have fixed the spotlight on wellness at Yale-NUS College. Stude...

The Narratives of Our Lives

From second hand information, I knew that he took a Leave of Absence (LOA) because he was clinically depressed. He did so after I had gone to Japan, and I didn’t find out until I came back to school. When I met him again a year later, I realized we were in the same boat of needing to catch up with work in school. That was the consensus we had while I steeled my resolve to get down to work.

The Ones Who Aren’t There

story Roshan Singh, Guest Columnist | illustration by Roger Ko Illness is a tricky subject to talk about, much less write about. However, o...
"Oh, I’m busy—you know, with the usual.”

The Yale-NUS Culture of Busyness

story | Gabe Ibasco, contributing reporter photo | Rachel Juay In the residential college elevators, students can be found tinkering with ...