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Financial Aid Office Addresses Student Complaints

Miscommunications and Standing Committees. Avani writes about the problems plaguing need-based financial aid on campus.

Yehoon Ahn Wins Election to be Class of 2023 Representative

Yehoon wins the Election to be the Class of 2023 Representative with 42.7% of all votes, despite a controversial campaign policy.

College Cuts Week 7 LAB on “Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore”

On Friday, September 13, the College decided that with Week 7 only two weeks away, there was no longer enough time to address concerns regarding the "Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore" LAB and that the program had to be canceled. Alysha and Harrison report.

Results of Sexual Climate Survey Announced at Town Hall

The recent sexual climate survey showed that while over 95% of respondents agreed that Yale-NUS faculty and staff treat students with respect, only 37.8% agreed or strongly agreed, that those who commit misconduct are held accountable for their actions. Akanksha reports.

Visiting Professor’s ‘Anti-Muslim’ Op-ed Draws Concern From Students

Visiting Professor Shaul Mishal’s 2018 Haaretz Op-ed drew concerns from students over its similarities to white nationalist talking points. Alysha reports.

Taking Wellness into Our Own Hands

With finals approaching, it can seem like your academic success comes at the cost of your wellbeing. Harrison tells us why this is not the case.

The Class of 2021 Declares Their Majors

The Major Declaration statistics for the Class of 2021 are out! The Social Sciences have surged in popularity, though at the expense of the Humanities. Dion reports.

‘WasteLess’ for a Week

18th to 22nd March was WasteLess Week, an initiative led by I’dECO to promote waste reduction and help students go zero-waste. Rhyhan reports.

Election Reforms Take Effect

For the first time in the history of Yale-NUS, Student Government elections are taking place in April. This is one of the constitutional reforms put in place to make the Student Government more visible. Michelle reports.

So you want to be the President: A Closer Look at the Prospective Candidates

You’ve seen their campaign posters in the lifts. You’ve read their Facebook posts. You’ve spoken to them in the Elections forums. Still confused about who to vote for in the upcoming Student Government elections? Aryan speaks to all the candidates for Student Government President and breaks it down.

Mergers and Approvals: The Creation of a Student Organization

Applying to be recognised as a Student Organization can be an opaque process. Kimberly pulls back the curtain.

Student Effort Contribution Discussed in Closed-door Dialogue with Governing Board

Some students are disappointed by the governing board members' response to SEC and dining issues at a recent closed-door dialogue.

Kingfisher Urban Farms: Turning Fruit Waste Into Frittatas

Remember the banana peel buckets in the dining halls? They were used by Kingfisher Urban Farms to make compost. Michelle reports.

Controversial Pink Hour Officially Launches in Yale-NUS Gym

Whether you agree with it or not, a Pink Hour has been implemented in the Yale-NUS gym. Michelle tells us more.

Posters, Town Halls, Angry Opinion Articles: Dissent and Disagreement at Yale-NUS

Yale-NUS has been through a lot in the last six years. Jia Qi summarizes.

Issues with Dining Dominate Town Hall Discussion

Issues discussed on the March 11 Town Hall included the police report Sodexo filed against a student, food safety in the dining halls and the feasibility of an “opt-out” option from meal plans. Dion reports.

Sodexo’s investigation of food poisoning claims finds themselves not to blame

After more than 20 students complained of gastric issues after eating dining hall food, Sodexo interviewed five people and found themselves not to blame. Jasmine reports.

Sodexo Responds to Meal Tap Situation

Worried about how many lunch credits you have left? Tap on this.

Exchange Students Become the First Group on Campus to Gain Senate Representation

Constitutional reforms now allow for students to join the Senate representing either affinity or interest groups, with two exchange students already forming an affinity group. Alysha reports.

Unrest continues over the Student Effort Contribution

Unrest over the Student Effort Contribution has continued into the new year, with the Senate passing a resolution condemning the policy for disadvantaging underprivileged students. Harrison reports.

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