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Amanda Leong

A Bug’s Life: How I Tried to Stop Worrying and Love the Ants

“Hello ant,” I said to my silent friend. It rested on my nail cuticle, more quiet then. When I placed my hand back onto the table, it crawled onto my readings, sauntering around one of Tocqueville’s lines the same way my concentration meanders around his arguments.” Amanda tells us about ants.

Nathaniel Mah: College and Engaged (Four)

To marry your first love is everyone’s dream. Amanda talks to Nathaniel Mah about his engagement to his first and last love, Janeen Loh.

Still Life in Motion

Dana Lam’s Still Life paints a portrait of the artist that is anything but still. Amanda explores life as seen through Ms. Lam’s dynamic eyes.

Chris Lis: A Star is Born

We may think we know Chris Lis ’21. But do we really? Amanda uncovers shocking information about her friend.

The Children on Campus

story | Amanda Leong, Staff Editor photo | Ruchel Phua, Staff Illustrator At the start of this semester, I was surprised by the presence of two...

Is Yale-NUS Safe?

Do you feel comfortable keeping your doors unlocked? Leaving stuff around? What do you do when stuff goes missing? Amanda talks to students who have experienced theft at Yale-NUS College.

All the Changes from Aug. 20’s Town Hall and What They Mean for You

story | Amanda Leong, Staff Editor photo | Yip Jia Qi, Staff Editor and Ruchel Phua, Contributing Photographer On Aug. 20, 8 pm, the first...

College and Married

story | Amanda Leong, Editor photo | Evan Ma, Guest Photographer   I never believed that soulmates existed until I met Dave Chappell ’18 and Vicky Chappell...

College Students and Engaged: Timothy and Jael

story | Amanda Leong, Staff Writer photo | Timothy Goh On Valentine’s Day, I did the next most romantic thing besides actually being on a date...

Exploring Cultural Identity at the Asian Youth Theater Festival

story | Amanda Leong, Contributing Reporter photo | Amanda Leong, Contributing Photographer   Hidden in the fifth floor of *SCAPE at Somerset, The TreeTop is a world...

The Yale-NUS Gray Space

story | Amanda Leong, Contributing Reporter   photo | Amanda Leong, Contributing Reporter   EDITOR'S NOTE, December 22, 2017:  Yale-NUS Director of Public Affairs, Ms. Fiona Soh, and...

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