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Aryan Chhabra

Aryan is the Managing Editor of the Octant. In his free time, he enjoys biking around different parts of Singapore and trying different kinds of coffee. Find him on Linkedin form the Icon below.

So you want to be the President: A Closer Look at the Prospective Candidates

You’ve seen their campaign posters in the lifts. You’ve read their Facebook posts. You’ve spoken to them in the Elections forums. Still confused about who to vote for in the upcoming Student Government elections? Aryan speaks to all the candidates for Student Government President and breaks it down.

Financial Aid Office Quietly Rolled Out New “Student Effort Contribution” for First Years

Do you know what the Student Effort Contribution is? Students on financial aid from the Class of 2022 and onwards will see an additional clause on their student bill. Aryan reports.

Breaking Barriers [EYW 2018]

"Because of my experience at boarding school, when I saw anyone crying due to punishment or facing difficulty, I no longer saw his pain as his own but mine as well, as I would respond the same way when I faced a similar plight."

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