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Aunt Agony

Aunt Agony Returns!

After a hiatus, Aunt Agony is back to answer your burning questions.

Aunt Agony: “I want to start a commune”

I’m back. We are off to a hectic start of the year, and dilemmas have already poured in. As I am only one student, I will only be answering two dilemmas this week, but for the rest of you, you will have your day.

Aunt Agony: Issue 3

Your auntie is back by popular demand. This time, let’s talk about “skinship”, persistent exes, and dating anxiety.

Aunt Agony: Issue 2

Aunt Agony returns with more wisdom.

Aunt Agony: Valentine’s Day Woes

I know. Your love life is never a bed of roses. There are highs and lows, and you just wished that there were someone patient, insightful, and empathetic to offer illuminating advice when you are stuck in a love’s dilemma. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, you may be preoccupied with your romantic life more than ever. Today, we invited The Octant’s very own Agony Aunt to listen to our readers’ dilemmas, and talk about communication and romantic FOMO.

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