A Tale of Two Colleges

story | Megan Chua, Guest Contributor photo | University College Freiburg Website On the day I arrived in Freiburg and saw that the main office was just one corridor in the Alte Universität building, I was confronted with a very different conception of a liberal arts college from the one I had known in Singapore. […]

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Women in Business, and More

story | Beatrice Chew, Contributing Reporter photo | Saksham Mehrotra, Contributing Photographer   “Stay flexible, stay humble, and keep learning.” This was Jacqueline Chua’s advice to students in her opening keynote address for the Women in Finance Conference on Sept. 19, 2017. As the Vice-President of the Financial Women’s Association of Singapore, she shared about […]

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The Disruptive Good?

story  | Bryson Ng Pei Shen, Contributing Reporter photo | Kalla Sy, Contributing Photographer   If you were at the National Gallery on Aug. 23, 2017,  you would have encountered odd sights other than the quirky artworks of the Yayoi Kusama. If you were fortuitous enough, you would have seen Megha Joshi ’21 engaging in […]

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A Letter to My Constituents

story  | Aditya Karkera, Guest Contributor Illustration | Lavonna Mark, Contributing Illustrator   My dear constituents, The practice of constituents writing to their representatives is a cherished democratic tradition exercised across the world, and is emblematic of the ownership that democracy promises as well as the duties it bestows upon citizens. Today, the unfortunate absence […]

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In it's first year, Yale-NUS College felt more like a summer camp.

Memoirs of the Halcyon

story | Vasudha Kataruka photo | Anshuman Mohan, Bozy Lu, Yale-NUS Admissions From RC4 to the New Campus Growing from 150 students to a full house in the past four years, there has been a large evolution of the Yale-NUS experience. For the Classes of 2017 and 2018, one of the most noticeable differences was […]

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Photo credit | Victoria Kalinina

Class of 2017 Memories

The following are edited memories about the Class of 2017, submitted by students of Yale-NUS College.   “Yale-NUS Confessions broke the perfection bubble for me, not just in college life but in life overall. Nobody is perfect it turns out, everybody struggles: this is a simple truth even in an institution as idealistic and amazing […]

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A collage of The Octant front covers from the past year.

The Last Four Years, by the Headlines

From the Editors – October 4, 2013 What are we Playing For? – August 19, 2014 Dengue Outbreak on Campus – September 2, 2014 Yale-NUS Upholds Free Speech on Campus – October 21, 2014 Constitution Matters – November 18, 2014 Finally, A Student Government – February 10, 2015 Making Major Decisions: Yale-NUS’s Inaugural Class Declares […]

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