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NUS President Tan Eng Chye Challenged, Dismissed Students’ Concerns in Heated Town Hall Q&A

The downside of the decision is that "I have incurred the anger of the Yale-NUS community," said NUS President Tan Eng Chye.

Closure Was Accelerated While in a “Position of Strength”: NUS President Tan Eng Chye

Since the “merger” was made public on August 27, there has been little clarity on the deliberations behind the heavy-handed decision. This town hall, however, provided important details.

Yale Did Not Offer $100 Million to Save Yale-NUS, Says Former Yale President

When NUS and Yale offered contradicting narratives, listen to what Richard Levin, former Yale President, has to say.

Architects of Failure: the “New College’s” Poorly Constructed Student Experience

David discusses how Yale-NUS architecture was designed and how it speaks the unfeasibility of the New College.

How Yale-NUS Disables Students and How We Can Do Better

While variations in one’s physiology might result in impairments, it is not the impairment itself that disables people—places, institutions, and people do. Yihui and Alex investigate how Yale-NUS disables its students, why you should care, and what we should do about it.

Unpacking My Closet

There is something melancholic about it though, the Hockney on the wall. All I am left to behold is the white spray—not the spring of the body, not the goggled boy in a swimming cap. Even the yellow diving board is motionless. 

Decoding Traditions at Yale-NUS

Aryan and Wisha decode traditions of Yale-NUS: What they are, how they came to be and what they say about us.

Reflections on Fulbright University Vietnam: How Should We Engage With Other Asian Liberal Arts Institutions?

“Do we want to engage with an institution that is complicit in perpetuating America’s imperialistic foreign policies in Vietnam?” Following the participation of Yale-NUS College faculty members at a Fulbright University Vietnam’s (FUV) conference, Ai Huy Luu asks how Yale-NUS should engage with the school.

From the Black Box to The Globe: Seven Week 7 Highlights

250 students. 14 hotly-contested destinations. One Week 7. What did they “learn across boundaries”? Kimberly, Wisha, Rhyhan, Aryan, Jun Jie, Michelle and Fatima write about their experiences.

4 Year’s Time: Yale-NUS seniors, then and now

story | Sim Yi Shien, Contributing Photographer photos | Sim Yi Shien Do you ever have moments where you just stop and assess your life and...

Yale-NUS Graduates Secure Job and Graduate School Opportunities

story | Rachel Hau, Contributing Reporter photo | Yale-NUS College Public Affairs As of Sept. 29 2017, 90% of Yale-NUS College graduates had secured jobs, fellowships...

Social Emotional Leadership — is it a Cult?

Story | Terence Choo, Contributing Reporter Photo | Wong Zhi Ying   Upon entering the dining hall, I spotted two figures conspicuously seated right in the...

End-of-Term Official Letter

Letter | Saza Faradilla, Avery Simmons Story | Peh Yi Lin photo | Saza Faradilla   Dear students, It’s been our pleasure to serve in the Student...

The Disruptive Good?

story  | Bryson Ng Pei Shen, Contributing Reporter photo | Kalla Sy, Contributing Photographer   If you were at the National Gallery on Aug. 23, 2017,  you...

The Story of YNC Ultimate Frisbee

story | Jonas Yun Do Ung, Guest Contributor photo | Kah Mun Chan   As I write this article, it is 3:30 A.M. on a Thursday...

A Letter to My Constituents

story  | Aditya Karkera, Guest Contributor Illustration | Lavonna Mark, Contributing Illustrator   My dear constituents, The practice of constituents writing to their representatives is a cherished...

Class of 2017 Memories

The following are edited memories about the Class of 2017, submitted by students of Yale-NUS College.   “Yale-NUS Confessions broke the perfection bubble for me, not...

The Last Four Years, by the Headlines

From the Editors - October 4, 2013 What are we Playing For? - August 19, 2014 Dengue Outbreak on Campus - September 2, 2014 Yale-NUS Upholds Free...

Clockwork 7/04/17

Stranger in the Shower: On March 31, a stranger was found showering in an unoccupied Saga suite which was, at the time, being used for...

Yale-NUS Presidential Mixup

story | Tad Cruise In the latest incident of high profile mixups, it has been revealed that Tan Tai Yong has been incorrectly announced as...

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