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Friday, September 29, 2023

Ng Yi Ming

Why the New College Does Not “Broaden Access to an Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Education”

Existing commentators have explored the possible underlying dynamics, highlighted potential issues, and suggested next steps to make the best of the YNC closure and establishment of NC. Yi Ming Ng, ’21, and Rohan Naidu, ’17 step back and ask if the move is justified.

Course Selection or Speculation?

story | Dion Ho & Ng Yi Ming, Contributing Reporters photo | Ng Yi Ming, Contributing Illustrator   “Do what you like most” — so reads...

On Unearthing Our Stories — Week 7 Feature

story | Ng Yi Ming, Mathias Ooi, Dion Lim, Contributing Reporters photo | Peh Yi Lin, Contributing Photographer     By a stroke of chance, in a...

Neil’s Meaning of life, and why it Mehtas

story & photo | Ng Yi Ming, Contributing Reporter One fine afternoon on Sept. 13, the clock struck four, and a bunch of liberal arts...

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