Elm College Dining Hall

Common Curriculum Needs to Go

story | Terence Anthony Wang, Arts Editor photo | Rachel Juay As with most grand ideas, Yale-NUS College’s Common Curriculum started out with a noble cause. It aspired to “draw on the strength of the liberal arts tradition while addressing the needs of the current century”, providing a “range of skills and modes of inquiry”. […]

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Admissions Statistics

Why hasn’t Yale-NUS Released the Admissions Statistics for the Class of 2020?

story | Jasmine Su, Kanako Sugawara photo | Rachel Juay As admissions season approaches, many applicants around the globe look to statistics to estimate their chances of getting admitted into universities. However, this year, Yale-NUS College’s Admissions & Financial Aid office has not released admission statistics for the class of 2020. Beginning from the class […]

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Honor Thy Student

story | Aditya Karkera, Opinion Editor photo | Rachel Juay The upperclassman, wonderfully wise in their own ways and warily wistful in others, is as fascinating a specimen as the rosy-cheeked first year student—unbounded in their own ways and unknowing in others. And so, when I learned that I’d be sharing a meal with one […]

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