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No More Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is more common in Singaporean school than you think. In this piece, Nicole, Celine, and Luke argue that to uphold the quality of education and defend children’s rights, corporal punishment needs to be banned.

We ask DoS Questions from Yale-NUS’s Stupid Questions Hub. Here’s what they say.

They say there are no stupid questions, but this article definitely puts that saying to the test. The Octant asks Dave Stanfield and Cory Owens the silliest, ridiculous, and all around stupidest questions that YNC has to offer.

Much Ado About Nugget: Facebook Drama Emerges Over NUS Rooster

Cock-a-doodle-doo! A sound dreaded by light sleepers in Cendana but adored by others, the NUS rooster Jimmy Nugget is once again at the center of the debate. Is he here to stay, or be egg-spelt from campus? Yihui and Michael investigate both sides of the argument and bring you the college’s official stance. You get a sneak peek at the cage, too!

The Class of 2022 Declare Their Majors

The Class of 2022 Declare their Majors.

The Octant X Bocconi Global Edition

In the face of a global crisis, hear the voices from student newspapers all over the world.

College Cuts Week 7 LAB on “Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore”

On Friday, September 13, the College decided that with Week 7 only two weeks away, there was no longer enough time to address concerns regarding the "Dialogue and Dissent in Singapore" LAB and that the program had to be canceled. Alysha and Harrison report.

babies! A Review

“While a little messy and off-kilter at certain points, babies! was enjoyable and heartwarming.” Steven and Runchen review babies!, which ran from March 29–31 at the Yale-NUS Black Box Theatre.

Yale-NUS Student Government Elections: Why the apathy?

Story by Elaine Li News Editor | Photo credit to Eduardo Lage Otero In the most recent Yale-NUS Student Government elections, despite repeated deadline extensions,...

What is Our Time Here For?: The meaning of Yale-NUS College and the liberal arts

Guest Opinion by Michael Moore-Jones ’17 | Photo Credit to Public Affairs This semester at Yale University I’m taking a class called Successful Global Leadership with New York...

On Justice Scalia

On Tuesday Jan 28., two and a half weeks before his eventual death, Antonin Scalia, then Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the...


Welcome back to Hell… week: We hope you all came back from the mid-term break refreshed… we certainly did (check out our website

The “Illiberal Liberal” Narrative

Opinion by Francesca Maviglia, Guest Columnist | Illustration by Roger Ko There’s a tendency to attack left-wing individuals as the ones with authoritarian attitudes that has been...


A tongue-in-cheek view of events around Yale-NUS College Mid-Term Break: The Octant staff will be taking a well earned rest over the upcoming break. We...


Story by Spandana Bhattacharya, Editor-in-Chief This is the latest installment of a series of interviews with members of the Governing Board. Gautam Banerjee is the Chairman of...


A tongue-in-cheek-view of events around school CNY: The rounds of visiting will commence! Go forth and proclaim your Liberal Arts Education with no fear. May...

Returning from Abroad

Story by Li Ting Chan, News Editor In this week’s installment, we speak to two other study abroad returnees about their experience abroad and how...

Zero, the lowest common denominator

Opinion by Scott Currie, Staff Writer | Illustration by Dave Chappell Editor’s Note: Once monthly Scott will be waxing poetic about issues relating to Yale-NUS. This may not...

Art around Campus

Story by Nicholas Lua, Feature Editor | Photos by Serena Quay Wander around Yale-NUS College enough and you are sure to have noticed the artworks displayed around campus....

Adventures Abroad

Story by Li Ting Chan, News Editor Last semester, 24 members of the Class of ’17 had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in...

The Liberal-arts Student’s guide to Chinese New Year

Story by Justin Ong, Opinion Editor | Illustration by Roger Ko I walk into a relative's house, two mandarin oranges in hand. I pass them to...

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