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Suman Padhi

Class of 2025 declare their majors: Economics becomes the most popular major, MCS relegated to second-place

Story | Suman (they/them), Co-Editor-in-Chief Photo | Joshua Vargas (he/him) On the 17th of March in AY2022-2023, the Class of 2025 concluded their major declaration exercise,...

Yale-NUS Library and Fab Lab to be placed under NUS Libraries’ Administration: Roberts

Story | Suman (they/she), Managing Editor; Avery Huang (she/her), Editor in Chief Illustration/photo | Joshua Vargas (he/him) The Yale-NUS Library, which currently maintains priority access for...

Class of 2024 declare their majors: MCS remains most popular major, with ES a close second

Story | Suman (they/them), Managing Editor Photo | Joshua Vargas (he/him), Graphics Figure 1: Distribution of Majors in Class of 2024 On the 18th of March in AY2021-2022,...

YNC Module List Until 2025 Released

With the release of the projected course offerings for the next three years, does the reality live up to the promise of the "full Yale-NUS experience"? Suman reports

“At Yale We Build to Last”: An Interview With Charles Bailyn, Yale-NUS Inaugural Dean of Faculty

"There's nothing Yale could have done." The Octant interviews Prof. Charles Bailyn, inaugural Dean of Faculty for Yale-NUS College from 2011 to 2016, on his feelings on the closure of Yale-NUS and what role Yale University has played in this narrative.

In Memoriam of Yale-NUS

What does it mean to be overseas upon hearing the news on closure? Listen from Suman '25, as she grapples with her disbelief and hurt whilst desperately wanting to be on campus.

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