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Justin Ong

I Don’t Feel Like Going Home

“Now that I’m back and almost done with my final year, I do not want to go home. I want to spend every minute here until security waits at the door for me to pack my bags. It is an almost cruel irony to think at the moment I most want to stay here that this space will be gone.” For our Graduation Issue, Justin meditates on home: the one he has built here, and the one he will return to when he graduates.

Yale-NUS College Announces Opt-out Option

You asked for it, and you got it. Yale-NUS College has announced an “opt-out” option to students. We report.

Prominent Presidential Candidate’s Talk Leaves Students Wanting More

story | Justin Ong, Executive Editor photo | Bozy Lu On Oct. 16, Elm College hosted former People's Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) and...

Religious and silent: why some don’t want to voice opinions on 377A

When seeking interviews for an article on Section 377A, The Octant faced difficulty getting students affiliated with religious groups to speak on the record. Justin writes about their silence.

Students Weigh in as Discussions on Section 377A reignite in Singapore

Should 377A be repealed or should it remain? A month after India’s landmark ruling to decriminalise sex between consenting males, The Octant asks students if Singapore can, or should, follow suit.

Rocky Transitions: Organizations Suffer when Students Leave for Semester Abroad

story | Justin Ong, Executive Editor photo | Justin Ong When the Yale-NUS College Men’s Basketball team competed in an external league last semester, they often...

A Letter from Equals: Improving Student Government Participation

story | Dave Chappell, Feroz Khan, Seow Yongzhi, and Tee Zhuo illustration | Justin Ong   We were both heartened and disappointed at the recent opinion...

A Step Towards Wellness: Updates to the Student Health Insurance

story  | Vasudha Kataruka, Guest Reporter photo | Justin Ong, Editor-in-Chief   The National University of Singapore (NUS) has changed its Undergraduate Student Health Insurance with effect...

Make Yale-NUS Our Home Again: Part 2

story | Tee Zhuo, Guest contributor photo | Hannah James This is the second part of a two-part series. In the first part, Tee introduced the...

YIRPA Policy Violations and Sanctions Announced

story | Pham Le Vi, Managing Editor photo | Dave Chappell, Executive Editor   Eight months after Yale-NUS International Relations and Political Association (YIRPA) was suspended, its...

Yale-NUS Welcomes Class of 2021

Story | Dave Chappell, Executive Editor Photo | Dave Chappell and Yale-NUS Public Affairs   On July 29, 2017, the Yale-NUS College campus came alive with the...

Make Yale-NUS Our Home Again: Part 1

Story | Tee Zhuo, Guest contributor photo | Justin Ong, Editor-in-Chief   It’s Saturday! You wake up late but refreshed: it’s finally the weekend! You cheerfully call...

Meet the New Vice Rector on the Block

story | Justin Ong, Editor-in-Chief image | Paul Gallagher, Vice Rector of Cendana College   As the new semester is around the corner, we are pleased...

The Octant – A Student Voice for a Community of Learning

story | Eduardo Lage-Otero, Former Vice-Rector photo | Eduardo Lage-Otero, Former Vice-Rector Around four years ago, Yale-NUS College was something of a blank slate. Although a...

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