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William Hoo

William dodges mid-life crises and other terrible calamities on a regular basis, courtesy of your local favourite ineffable divinity. When he’s not struggling too much with being a young adult, he enjoys coffee and eccentricity a little too much for his own good. But most of all, he tries to write like his life depends on it so that his life can someday depend on it.

What Can We Afford, if Not Poetry?

William tells us about what poetry means to him.

What’s in a Story: Storytelling in Yale-NUS

There's a new student organization on the block – one entirely conceptualized and brought to life by first-year students. William tells us their story.

Walking with William: Disability Access on Campus

After tearing his ACL, William found himself dealing with the challenges of getting around campus on a wheelchair. He tells us why he thinks Yale-NUS needs to think about better accommodating disabled students.

Social Media: To Shun or Not to Shun?

story | William Hoo, Contributing Reporter photo | Esther Koh, Contributing Photographer When Julia Tatarynowicz ’22 was 14, she was tagged in a Facebook post by...

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