Sunday, January 29, 2023


storyAnna Evtushenko

photo | Public Affairs

It’s I, and it’s you, and it’s he, and it’s she.
Between us we ponder the math of Cauchy,
the fate of Augustus, the shape of black holes,

and how scattered destinies merge into wholes.

We are not all brothers and sisters, you know,
but here, right next to each other, we grow –
we have. And we’ve learned, and we’ve loved, and we’ve lost –
do not such shenanigans matter the most.

We’ve made our friend’s bony shoulder our home,
or four milky walls, or a Greek-lettered tome.
Let memories stay, and let new ones abound.
From over the world, just as far are we bound.

And from this great height of… adulthood, I guess?

We thank you for everything, Yale-NUS.


With the help of more than 20 seniors, this poem was made into a video. It is available below.

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