Academic Choices

Outside the Common Course

story May Tay About three to four times a week, Anshuman Mohan ’17 rides his bike or takes the shuttle to the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing. This semester, he is enrolled in four courses, two at Yale-NUS College and another two at NUS. Like Mohan, many students at Yale-NUS take up alternative […]

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Charlie Hebdo

Est-ce qu’on est Charlie Hebdo?

story Kaushik Swaminathan | Tee Zhuo On Jan. 7, two masked gunmen attacked the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in apparent response to the publication’s caricature of Prophet Muhammad. They killed twelve people including editor Stéphane Charbonnier, seven Charlie Hebdo employees, and two police officers. A global condemnation of this attack has since followed, […]

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Octant Logo

Editors’ Note

At The Octant’s first General Meeting of the semester, I posed this question to the team: WHY do we do what we do? My answer came in the form of Cherian George’s words in Freedom of the Press. He wrote, “Journalism matters because it helps people learn about their surroundings and form opinions, and this is important because a society where people collectively determine their […]

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YNC Crew

Into Uncharted Waters

story David Chappell The Yale-NUS College Rowing Team achieved great success at their first ever rowing competition over the break. The team managed to place third in the semifinals of two categories, the double and single sculls. While many students were still recuperating from a busy semester, Bernie Chen ’18 and Nicholas Siew ’18 headed […]

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Andrew Lai

New Year, New Resolutions

story | photos Regina Marie Lee With a new year and a fresh semester, we asked students to share their New Year’s resolutions. Some hope to eliminate a bad habit, or are resolved to adopt good ones, like loving more or going vegetarian. Increased productivity, better health and being more moral were all important motivations for […]

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SG Map

Letter From the Editors

Though The Octant itself is new, its Arts section is even newer. As such, we are excited to finally have a section dedicated to the arts, but also nervous as we set out, not entirely sure of what this section will become. We might spotlight the many talented individuals within our community; we might publish […]

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