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Letter From the Editors

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Though The Octant itself is new, its Arts section is even newer. As such, we are excited to finally have a section dedicated to the arts, but also nervous as we set out, not entirely sure of what this section will become.

We might spotlight the many talented individuals within our community; we might publish reviews of the events we’ve recommended; we might even put controversial opinions about the arts on the table – but we certainly promise to strive toward expanding your views of art and what it can be. Here in the Arts section, we aim to bring you the best that the arts have to offer, both within Yale-NUS and Singapore. We hope you will disagree with what we will write—it would hardly be art if everyone were to nod in agreement.

What then of the trepidation in our maiden voyage? Perhaps Ira Glass’ advice is relevant here. He consoles the emerging artist who worries that their creative work will never match up to their “killer taste” by reassuring them to persevere—eventually one’s work will be as good as one’s ambitions. We look forward to this journey and expanding our killer tastes alongside yours.

Kavya Gopal and Abdul Hamid
Arts Editors



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WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT by Nassim Soleimanpour, presented by the 2015 M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. We think this performance will challenge you to reconsider what a theater performance is. Forbidden to travel, the Iranian playwright turns his isolation into a wildly inventive play that distills the experiences of an entire generation—born amid the hardship of the Iran-Iraq war—all with no director, no set and a different guest performer each night. Esplanade Recital Studio, 8 pm Wednesday, Jan. 21 to Saturday, Jan. 24 Tickets $22 each (SISTIC)

ST. JEROME’S LANEWAY FESTIVAL has grown over the years to become a staple in Singapore’s cultural calendar. Since its inception in 2010, the festival has hosted an eclectic mix of artistes before they gained imminent fame. Look out for Mac Demarco and Future Islands when you’re there! The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay Saturday, Jan. 24 from 11 am onward Tickets $165 each (SISTIC and eventCliQue) Co-pay available through the Rector’s Office

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