story | photos Regina Marie Lee

With a new year and a fresh semester, we asked students to share their New Year’s resolutions. Some hope to eliminate a bad habit, or are resolved to adopt good ones, like loving more or going vegetarian. Increased productivity, better health and being more moral were all important motivations for students interviewed.

Andrew Lai

Andrew Lai ’18

“I will quit playing DotA. I used to spend 20 hours a week playing, but I haven’t touched DotA since the semester started and I have so much free time now!”

Karen Hannah Ho

Karen Hannah Ho ’17

“I think this school could do with more love and I want to be the one to love more radically and spread that. To start, I’m making it a point to love three people in the school and inculcate that loving nature from there.”


Jason Carlo Ong Carranceja ’18

“I’m going to eat less, visit the gym, and climb the stairs to my room at least after every class. Look out for Jason 2.0.”

Rachel Hsu

Rachel Hsu ’18

“I want to venture out of my room more often, but I’m not doing very well for my first week.”


Amarbold Lkhagvasuren ’18

“I am aiming to become a vegetarian eventually and only eat meat out of necessity. To start, I am eating one vegetarian meal a day to acclimatize myself.”