An all-seeing eye

Editor’s Note

Dear readers, After three-quarters of a semester and many sleepless nights, the Editorial Team has reached a unanimous decision. We hold the truth as sacred and uncompromisable, under all circumstances. It is hence with no small amount of pride that we reveal the all-seeing nature of our organization. We have hidden cameras in all common lounges, […]

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Katniss Evergreen '19

Overnight search raid at Yale-NUS

story Yona Tan | May Tan Over two dozen students’ rooms at Yale-NUS College were raided on Thursday, March 27, after campus security acted on anonymous tip-offs about a chewing gum smuggling ring within Residential College 4 (RC4). A twelve-hour search by authorities, however, only revealed large amounts of unused condoms and several cats in students’ […]

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Seminar Room

Successful Successions

story Avast Vermin All entities move and nothing remains still,” said the prominent Greek philosopher Pericles in a seminar room somewhere. With its second year coming to an end, Yale-NUS College is changing too. In various student organizations, many sophomores are now ready to step down from power. However, unexpected problems have cropped up with some […]

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Left-handed floorball player

Floorball made me left-handed

story Aved Chellapp The Yale-NUS College floorball team has become left-handed after the bulk purchase of left-handed floorball sticks by Athletics Director Bill Cartwright. While the purchase was initially met with disbelief by players, it seems to have been a blessing in disguise. Team captain Omar Gosh ’18 first noticed this phenomenon at the team’s weekly […]

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DoS Forum

Review: DoS Forum

story Hadul Abmid A bare stage, a string of monologues, and many interactive segments with the audience—is this the new theatre of Yale-NUS College? Long established in the college, the DoSpians have been known for their performances, which attempt to articulate a vision for the community, but Thursday night’s piece, DoS Forum, deserves praise on its […]

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