Yale-NUS' Stepsibling Syndrome

Yale-NUS’ Stepsibling Syndrome

story | Jessica Teng Sijie photo | Tong Xueyin College students stay up for a variety of reasons, and last semester’s Harvard-Yale game was one of them. Live from Harvard stadium, the breathtaking match unfolded to the cheers of sleep-deprived Yale-NUS College students, proudly attired in Yale University tees. Although this may only seem to […]

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Music Record

Music To The Ears

story Yonatan Gazit | May Tay On December 12, 2014, the student body received an email from the Registry about the Module Registration Exercise for the next semester. In it was the announcement that Integrative Music Theory 2 (IMT2) would no longer be offered. Yale-NUS College is currently looking to expand the music program and to support […]

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Willie Khoo Fencing

Major Hurdles for Minority Sports

story Xie Yihao You might have watched fencing at The Olympic Games on TV. You might also have tried figure-skating for fun. But have you ever played these sports alongside professional and semi-professional athletes? Now it’s possible. Former (and current) competitive figure-skaters and fencers at Yale-NUS College are more than willing to showcase their talent […]

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