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Music To The Ears

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story Yonatan Gazit May Tay

On December 12, 2014, the student body received an email from the Registry about the Module Registration Exercise for the next semester. In it was the announcement that Integrative Music Theory 2 (IMT2) would no longer be offered. Yale-NUS College is currently looking to expand the music program and to support students interested in pursuing studies in music.

The cancellation of IMT2 coincided with the leaving of Professor of Humanities (Music) Jason Rosenberg. On his departure from Yale-NUS, Dr. Rosenberg replied in an email, “Though I have my degree now, there was an issue temporarily preventing me from officially having my Ph.D. in hand during the last semester, putting my degree status in conflict with my faculty appointment.” Dean of Faculty Charles Bailyn declined to comment.

Without a clear robust music program, students planning on taking IMT2 who are interested in pursuing a music minor or major may not have the resources to do so, Anne Caroline Franklin ’17 said. By mid-March, members of the inaugural Class of 2017 will have to declare their majors.

According to Saga College Rector Weiss, who is also an anthropologist of music, the music department will officially begin hiring in August of 2015. In the meantime, Yale-NUS is looking for someone to fill in as Director of Student Music until July. The College has also been building bridges with NUS’ Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, where two students will be taking classes this semester.

Jevon Chandra ’17 is grateful for efforts to build up the music program. “After talking to [several members of the staff and faculty], I know they are doing a ton of things to bring people in … [and] stop the gap,” he said.

Li Ting Chan contributed reporting.

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