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Letter: In Defense of a Little Fun

This year’s Student Government election posters are on the informal side, but they’re far from ‘endangering our future’. While Enkhzul Badral’s example poster, to her credit, is an illustration rather than an actual candidate’s poster, it represents precisely the type of election that should be left to our junior college and high school days.

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Editors’ Note

As a start-up publication, The Octant has always made it a point to look to other established publications and learn from their experiences. Yale Daily News—The Oldest College Daily Established 1878—was an obvious choice and one of the first publications we approached when starting out. As of today, with more than a year’s experience under […]

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Mock Election Poster

Embarrassing Election Campaigns Endanger Our Future

column Enkhzul Badral It began when nominations for Student Government Elections opened on January 7, 2015. Unamusing cat posters and memes were found online and plastered around campus, urging students to nominate worthy candidates. Then, on Jan. 22 when candidates were confirmed, the campaign posters began littering our elevators and bulletin boards. These posters read phrases like, […]

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Oculus Drift Team

Hacking the Way Through

story Li Ting Chan If turning ideas into reality sounds like something you would want to do, then participating in a hack-a-thon might just be for you. Over Jan. 25-26, four Yale-NUS College students participated in NUS Hack&Roll 2015 and clinched third place with their final product—‘Oculus Drift’.

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Shiok Shack student associate cooks

Juggling a Job with School

story Anna Evtushenko A famous saying goes: “Sleep, Study, Socialize: Choose Two”. It remains a mystery to this day how Yale-NUS College students often manage all three. And not just that: some manage a job as well. With so little time to spare, students tend to choose jobs for more than money. For John Reid ’17, […]

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Laneway 2015

Review: Laneway Festival 2015

review Kavya Gopal Since its inception in 2011, St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival has been unlike any other undertaking in Singapore’s indie music scene. Held for the third time in the Meadows at Gardens by the Bay, this year’s line-up expanded to include an extra timeslot to accommodate more local talent from Singapore and Malaysia. It […]

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