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Editors’ Note

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As a start-up publication, The Octant has always made it a point to look to other established publications and learn from their experiences. Yale Daily News—The Oldest College Daily Established 1878—was an obvious choice and one of the first publications we approached when starting out.

As of today, with more than a year’s experience under our belts and a full-fledged team working regularly, The Octant will be officially entering into a student-initiated collaboration with Yale Daily News. Over the past two years, geographical constraints have limited interaction between students at both campuses.

We hope to overcome these constraints and increase interaction through the exchange of news between both campuses. Both publications will share articles weekly, and readers can enjoy first-hand reporting on all issues of student life at Yale University and Yale-NUS College. For future issues, an article from Yale Daily News will be uploaded regularly on our website. Through this collaboration, we aim to engage our readers in lasting conversations which will lead to greater understanding between students at Yale and Yale-NUS.

We hope you enjoy the shared articles, and we look forward to working together with Yale Daily News.


Joyan Tan, Editor-in-Chief
Spandana Bhattacharya, Editor-at-Large

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