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Letter: In Defense of a Little Fun

This year’s Student Government election posters are on the informal side, but they’re far from ‘endangering our future’. While Enkhzul Badral’s example poster, to her credit, is an illustration rather than an actual candidate’s poster, it represents precisely the type of election that should be left to our junior college and high school days. We need (and we have) candidates who can’t be reduced to words like “organized” and “goal-oriented”; people who have passion, ideas and a vision for Yale-NUS. Many existing posters convey this spirit far better than a bland poster would. Consider Sharlene Chow’s “I am running”, which shows her commitment to the student body through a dedication to sport, Seow Yongzhi’s “A safe and open home”, which conveys a genuinely inspirational vision for Yale-NUS, or Jay Lusk’s “Anything is Possible” which invites students to imagine the opportunities under a new government. With candidates like these, our first elections seem far from worrisome.

Matthew Ware ’18


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