Monday, February 6, 2023

Yale-NUS Victorious in ICGs

reporting Dave Chappell

ICG 2015
(Gan Sylvia)

On Sunday, Feb. 22 Yale-NUS College claimed first place in the Inter-College Games (ICGs) 2015. Even though it was only their second time competing, all of Yale-NUS’s teams performed well, managing to champion the other four colleges.

College Total Points
Yale-NUS 46
Tembusu 34
USP 34

Event 1st                   2nd
Ultimate Frisbee USP Tembusu
Soccer (Male) Tembusu USP
Soccer (Female) YNC USP
Dodgeball Tembusu YNC
Basketball (Male) YNC USP
Basketball (Female) YNC USP
Tennis YNC USP
Tchoukball Tembusu YNC
Badminton CAPT YNC
Table Tennis CAPT USP
Chinese Chess Tembusu RVRC
Floorball USP YNC
International Chess Tembusu YNC
Captain’s Ball YNC YNC
Road Relay Tembusu CAPT
Contract Bridge USP YNC


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