Arts Recommendations

March 2015 Recommendations

ONLINE ONLY THIS MONTH WE RECOMMEND: NUS ARTS FESTIVAL is back this month for its 10th run. This year’s theme – “Spirit of the Times” – celebrates the pioneers who helped build Singapore. With 31 programs to choose from, we at Arts are here to make that decision a little easier. Words and Music: A […]

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Yale-NUS Students on the UAE LAB

Academic Adventures Abroad

story Scott Currie During the mid-semester break, three groups of Yale-NUS College students headed on Learning Across Boundaries (LAB) overseas trips to immerse themselves in different cultural and political settings. Students who attended the trips generally found them well-planned and fulfilling. Across the board, student experiences seemed to live up to the Centre for International and […]

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Yale Exchange Spring 2015

Yale Exchange Highlights Need For Dialogue

story Spandana Bhattacharya | David Chappell The recent exchange trip between Yale-NUS College and Yale University was set up to share information between both institutions, yet many students found themselves spending a large proportion of their time explaining what Yale-NUS was. The trip saw 19 students from six student organizations at Yale-NUS travel to Yale over […]

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Visiting Committee to recommend changes to the Common Curriculum

story Spandana Bhattacharya | Yonatan Gazit Now in its fourth semester, Yale-NUS College’s distinctive Common Curriculum will undergo a review by two committees—the Self-Study and the Visiting Committees—over 2015. The Self-Study Committee, comprising Yale-NUS faculty, will consolidate feedback from faculty and students about the Common Curriculum and present “options for change” in September 2015, according to President Pericles […]

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Yale-NUS Students at EYW 2014

Living Up To Expectations

story Martin Vasev A microcosm of a society, where we try to find our place and identity — this is how Bozy Lu ’18, starts each presentation she gives on school visits to prospective students. These students try to grasp as much as they can of the Yale-NUS College experience before deciding where to continue their […]

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Yale Alumni Club

We’re Safe And Alright [All Trite]

column Daniel Silverman When Yale-NUS College was inaugurated in 2013, I was confident that my classmates and I were trailblazers defying stereotypes about academic institutions; we would challenge the very assumptions of what it meant to be a school. I am no longer so naïve. From my perspective, the student body as a whole has forsaken […]

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Yale-NUS versus USP Basketball Game

Fantastic But Not Flawless

story Xie Yihao In their reflections, Yale-NUS College athletes liked how the Inter-College Games (ICGs) were organized and acknowledged the effort and dedication by the officials and organizers, but noted areas for improvement. Last month, Yale-NUS won the 2015 ICGs with a total of 46 points, clinching five gold and seven silver medals in 16 events. […]

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