The Fifth Wall

Looking Back at the Fifth Wall

story Harini V With two productions, Burn This and Machine, being staged this week, the Arts section charts the growth of Fifth Wall, currently the only theater company at Yale-NUS College. Discussions on starting the club were mooted in July 2013, during the Class of 2017’s stay in New Haven. “Most of us had diverse theater […]

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Anastasia Vrachnos and her family.

A Telling Voice

story Anna Evtushenko With Anastasia Vrachnos, Dean of the Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), you never know what to expect. I came to speak to her for a feature profile before she leaves Yale-NUS College, and was suddenly invited along to pick up her kids from preschool. Ms. Vrachnos leaves at the end of […]

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Yale-NUS Crew

Troubled waters for the Yale-NUS Crew

story Josh Ragbir The Yale-NUS College rowing team lost a combined total of twenty kilograms in three weeks to make regulation weight for what would have been their second rowing competition—but their competition ended before their boats touched the water. The competitors, Nicholas Siew ’18, Bernie Chen ’18, Shaun Tan ’17, and Captain and Founder Linus […]

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Condoms in common lounges

Sexual Stalemate

story Scott Currie At the end of its second year, Yale-NUS College has yet to put forward any sexual health or education policies for students. However, that is set to change as the College looks into hiring a Health Coordinator, and explores the possibility of including coverage of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) testing in the student […]

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Letter to the Editors

letter Jessica Teng Sijie ’18 In response to last week’s opinion article: While the argument that Residential College names should be relatable is valid, I am not convinced that the proposal of “naming our RCs after members of our community” is much better. Even if having a RC named Tee Zhuo or Brian McAdoo were relatable […]

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Declaration of Majors

BREAKING NEWS: Majors declaration results by Division released

story Joyan Tan More than half of Yale-NUS College’s inaugural class have declared their majors within the Social Sciences Division, as of March 13. The inaugural class consists of 148 students who matriculated in August 2013. The Social Sciences Division has six majors: Anthropology, Economics, Global Affairs, Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), Psychology, and Urban Studies. […]

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