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A tongue-in-cheek view of events around Yale-NUS

We are back: Hopefully with a bang! We hope you didn’t miss us too much! We were busy revamping the publication, with new faces and ideas. We also recently stole Dave Chappell ’18 away from the Student Government… uh… we mean elected as our Managing Editor. Here’s to a great year!

Numerous nominees but impending council calamity: Speaking of Student Government, did we mention there’s a shortage of applicants? At the time of going to press, 14 of the 126 nominees had declared their candidacy.

Trump Stuff: Turns out Donald Trump’s shadow has reached all the way to Singapore! Furious debate erupted over what was meant to be an ironic post, offering the sale of Trump merchandise, and, in the words of the poster, much greatness ensued.

Bare Breasts: It appears a lot of Yale-NUS students like their chicken breasts bare. In another exemplary display of Yale-NUS priorities, a furious Facebook debate occurred over whether or not dining hall chicken should have the skin left on. We hope this title isn’t too inappropriate—we almost chickened (wink wink) out.

Pick-up culture at Yale-NUS: Does the thought of two flights of stairs make your head spin? Fear not, a new service has emerged at Yale-NUS. The Octant has heard that pick-up services are now available for anyone not living on a sky-garden floor and are just one text away.

Critical Discourse: A recent commentary on Yale-NUS co-authored by Professor Petrus Liu cited an Octant article. While we take no stance on the views offered in the piece, this is still a cause to break out the champagne and celebrate our contribution to academia.

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