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A tongue-in-cheek look at events around school

April Fools!: For those of you who thought we actually changed our name to The Sextant, it was a joke! In keeping with our yearly tradition, on April 1, we published an April Fool’s issue filled with satirical articles. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed editing them. A huge thank you to all those who contributed!

Good-night, sweet prince: We are working on an in-depth review of the production, but we want to quickly give a shout-out to everyone involved in the Hamlet production. We were blown away to say the least! Although you’d hope the man that wrote “brevity is the soul of wit” might have had his plays a bit shorter.

To ratify or not to ratify: That is the question. This week the student body gets to ratify the Kingfisher mascot. We hope that we don’t end up with a George Bush-Al Gore situation where this mascot gets fewer votes than the dragon but still becomes official, since the government voted to lower the majority requirement. If this does become official, do you think we can get sponsorship from Kingfisher beer?

Suite life: Speaking of beer, now might be a good time to sweeten your potential suitemates for the upcoming academic year… Perhaps with a bit of Kingfisher? *wink, wink* Pick wisely though, because you will be spending the foreseeable future in the company of these students.

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