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A tongue-in-cheek view of events around school

A heartfelt goodbye: The Octant bids farewell to its long serving member and current editor-in-chief Spandana Bhattacharya. We wish her well in her future endeavours (*fingers crossed for those job offers*) and will miss her bubbly energy in meetings. We hope she continues to be involved with the publication going forward and that the new editorial board can fill the void she leaves behind.

Congrats to Angela!: The Octant would like to congratulate our former designer Angela Ferguson for winning the New York Times International Writing Competition. We thoroughly recommend everyone read her article at: http://bit.ly/INYTAngelaFerguson. Also, Angela, if you want to write for The Octant, please let us know. Time to celebrate with Kingfisher beer?

Brought to you by Kingfisher Beer: Speaking of Kingfishers, we just ratified that as our mascot! With 77.8% of the vote, the Kingfisher was a clear favorite of the student body. The Octant thinks this is a good choice. We even considered naming ourselves “The Kingfisher” when we branded ourselves as “The Octant”, over a year ago, something our current student council president probably remembers.

Lord of the Flies: No we’re not talking about the flies in the bathroom, but Aside’s recent performance of the famous story. Unfortunately The Octant has hasn’t time to write and publish a full review of Lord of the Flies, but many of us did have the chance to see it and were really impressed. The organization behind Little Shop of Horrors have put on another great, albeit quite violent, performance

Goodbye from us: We know Clockwork has been very self centred on The Octant this week (oops) but it is our last issue so can you really blame us? We hope you’ve enjoyed our reporting this past semester and we look forward to returning after the break. Don’t miss us too much.

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