Sunday, January 29, 2023

A Capybara is not a rat

story | Erika Loh

photo | Erika Loh


Erika is a first-year from the Class of 2022. She works with Professor Vinod Saranathan to collect data on the iridescence of sunbird feathers for his study on avian evolution.

i pet a capybara for the first time. it was the calmest animal. i also learned how to stroke owls: with the back of your hand. you must touch only the owl’s head, because they are sensitive creatures. these animals were in rescue centres turned cafes or petting zoos. they showed no signs of stress. the owls were watered often and the caretakers were very gentle. as a bird rehabber, i still worry that the constant stream of visitors was unhealthy for the animals.


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