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Halcyon Heavens: The Yale-NUS Guide to the Universe

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This is an astronomy photojournal collaboratively created by three Yale-NUS Student Organisations: The Octant, The Cosmoscience & Ashen Light.

Foreword by Ashen Light, The Cosmoscience & The Octant

Halcyon Heavens stands for the paramount synergy of the sciences and humanities and their joint role in creating a better world. It is a stunning convergence of astrophotography by student astronomers, the artistry of Ashen Light’s astrophotography editors from the Stargazer’s League, scientific expositions by the editors of The Cosmoscience, quotes from the Yale-NUS Storytellers, and design by the college’s longest running publication – The Octant. Special acknowledgments to Dion Ho, who first conceptualized Halcyon Heavens, and guaranteed the successful partnership across clubs.


Every photo you see in this photojournal was taken through the lens of a telescope by our students. About a hundred photos were taken of each object of interest. Those photos were stacked to produce a single image that captures the best details from each individual photo. The stacked image underwent a dark-frame subtraction and had its various color channels carefully edited to produce the beautiful image you see before you now. Enjoy.


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