Wednesday, March 22, 2023

We ask DoS Questions from Yale-NUS’s Stupid Questions Hub. Here’s what they say.

Story by | The Octant 

Photo credit | Dave Stanfield (he/him), Cory Owen (she/her); collage by: Darren Ang (he/him)

Is tea soup? 

  • Cory: I love these questions. Is tea soup? I would say yes because if you have a soup with bay leaves you would consider it soup. A soup doesn’t have to have a solid in there to be soup. [For example,] Tomato bisque.
  • Dave: No, definitely not. No.

Is it pronounced “mod reg” or “mod rej?”

  • Dave: So the answer is: Everyone says “mod reg” but now that you’ve raised the question, that’s completely wrong…  
  • Cory: I’ve never heard it, so I have no opinion on this. 

Is ravioli a dumpling?

  • Cory: Yes.
  • Dave: You should ask an Italian. 

Which way should you hold a banana?

  • Dave: I was raised to open from the stem, and then later in life someone—I don’t remember who—taught me that it was much easier from the bottom, so I switched. 
  • Cory: Yeah, me too. 

Do you have to wash your legs in the shower?

  • Cory: I thought a lot. I remember that one came around again and I said no. I used to do “Question of the Month” in my last office and I would have way too much fun. We would vote with pushpins, so you have a visual and it is very decisive. 
  • Dave: This is mind-blowing … I’ve never thought of that! Yes, but only because that’s all I’ve ever done.

Is figure skating watersports?

  • Dave: I say no because I grew up in Texas. It must involve an actual body of water.
  • Cory: No, because I can’t swim but I can ice skate.

Is a taco a sandwich?

  • Dave: Definitely not. 

Does a straw have one hole or two holes?

  • David: That’s a mind-bender. [Avoids answering.]
  • Cory: I’m a contrarian, so I always say the opposite of what the person says. I would say there are two holes, though. I can see the argument from both sides. 

Is cake a fancy bread?

  • Cory: Yes. Great British Bake Off—that’s all it is. 
  • Dave: I think those are different categories.  
  • Cory: I think you should do this with your kids. Do straws have two holes or one hole? Are tacos sandwiches?


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