Wednesday, March 22, 2023

President’s Town Hall: 9 Oct, 8pm-9pm

Projection of the new Yale-NUS campus
Projection of the new Yale-NUS campus

For the most recent Yale-NUS College’s President’s Town Hall, Panopt live-tweeted updates from the event for all who were unable to attend the Town Hall physically. Below is a summary of all the tweets (most recent on top):

Important News: Each RC gets their own pool table

Each floor will consist of 2-3 suites (12-18 people)

No more larger common lounges, but there will be common spaces to suites and sky gardens

Welcome news: the elevators in the new buildings will be better

Each RC will get their own buttery kitchen – but there are no plans for student kitchens higher up in the buildings

Worst case scenario: RC3 won’t move in before the summer

Current plan: for all RCs to move in mid-May

Videos of the new bathrooms and bedrooms received a round of applause

Lewis on the water feature: “this is our water feature… Or a big puddle”

President Lewis on showing pictures of the construction work: “You’ll have to use your imagination”

Moving in will be taking place at the beginning of the next academic year

Bad news from President Lewis: moving into the campus is postponed

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