Wednesday, October 20, 2021


New Beginnings: Volume IV of The Octant marks the beginning of the first school year with an actual campus … finally! Look out for the Margaritaria indica on campus, which is a tree … not a cocktail. Also, bask in the glory of the Dengue pool, uh we mean, the Eco Pond and try not to fall in!

What’s in a Name? Apparently nothing. After rejecting names like “The Big Brother Blurb,” “The Surveillance Section,” and “Pericles Press” we’ve decided to name our new section “Clockwork.”  This time we’ve decided to skip the spiel and let you come up with your own explanation for the name.

Breaking NEWS: Save the Date! Oct. 12, 2015 for the most significant day of this semester—Inauguration of the Yale-NUS campus. The Prime Minister of Singapore will be present at the event. You read it here first. Definitely an occasion The Octant won’t be missing!

Shameless Plug: With the start of the new semester, Yale-NUS’s best publication—not that we’re biased or anything—is looking for talented new staff members to make it even better. If that sounds appealing, sign up at

Entitled Upper Classes: First year students should not be alarmed by the envious glares emanating from the upper classes as the CIPE Week 7 Fair approaches. They’ve had their fun, now it’s your turn. Just try not to gloat about jetting off to the Bahamas, or wherever else Yale-NUS decides to send you.


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