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(Tan Jia Hui)
(Tan Jia Hui)

A tongue in cheek view of events around school

Bleeding Blue and Orange: Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball Team secured its second victory in the A-Cup competition against NYU Shanghai with a score of 67-60. While we noted that Nair didn’t actually bleed blue and orange, The Octant was still very impressed by his determination to keep playing after his collision toward the end of the game… as were a few swooning first year women.

Honeymoon is over:  At least for the first years who will experience grades for the first time next semester. The online registration for modules begins this week. At the risk of sounding patronizing, here’s some friendly advice: Overloading is generally a bad idea when you are overcommitted. *cough* 10 student organizations *cough*.

World War II Bomb:  About the size of a dining table was found during the construction of Yale-NUS, according to architects of the College. Thankfully, it was deactivated and relocated before we moved in. Otherwise…

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