A tongue-in-cheek view of events around Yale-NUS College

Mid-Term Break: The Octant staff will be taking a well earned rest over the upcoming break. We hope you enjoy your mid-term break and don’t miss us too much. Meanwhile, enjoy our Ambassador Special Edition. By the way, if Ambassador Chan is reading this, we’d love to get another interview!

Valentine’s Day: Speaking of love, despite impending assignments, we hope you were able to spend your Valentine’s day doing something you love. Be it paintballing, going on blind dates or spending time with your significant others.

Time to Party!: The Octant would also like to welcome our brand new social chair, Jessica Lee ’18 to the organization. Jess will be working on the Octees (our prestigious award ceremony) and other social events. We are excited for her contributions to the organisation.

Happy Birthday Mr./Ms. President: This week marks Yale-NUS’s first ever Presidential elections! Although there are only two candidates running (incidentally both highly valued members of the Octant) we strongly urge students to show up and vote. We can’t wait to see how you make Yale-NUS great again!

ICGs: Congratulations to all those who competed in the InterCollege Games. We can safely call this year’s edition a resounding success. It’s time to take a break… and maybe a shower.


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