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Welcome back to Hell… week: We hope you all came back from the mid-term break refreshed… we certainly did (check out our website theoctant.org to see our brand new makeover). Now it’s back to the grind, with internship applications and assignments due. Good luck!


Lord of the Flies: Is your suite bathroom quickly turning into a fly graveyard? We hear that pouring hot water down the drain only control the numbers. Try using drain clearing acid as well? On another note, get hyped for Aside’s performance of Lord of the Flies!


Passing through: Now we know that, in the grand-scheme of things, closing the passageway connecting the Elm and Saga dining halls is a relatively minor issue… That said, this is the worst idea in the history of ever! Seriously though, it’s a pain in all the wrong places to have to walk around. Are we not a community of learning, where students in both Saga and Elm can eat together and share ideas with ease? Pretty please, reopen the passageway.


Art Imitates Life: Speaking of closed doors, Dave Lim ’19 & Janel Ang ’17 have organised a unique art exhibition that seeks to explore residential life at Yale-NUS, Behind Closed Doors. Be there on 10 March at 6 pm at Saga sky garden level 4 for the opening night. You can also explore the exhibition on 11 and 12 April at Saga 05-101.


Opening Up: The Octant would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to the visitors on campus for upcoming open day, on 12 march. We hope you like what you see. Consider joining The Octant?


Breaking down boundaries: Speaking of Open Day, one of the many perks of being a student here is the amazing opportunity to learn across boundaries *cough* dining hall passage *cough*. CIPE just released its list of LAB offerings for the summer. Cuba, Nepal and Cambodia are some of the LAB’s up for grabs, best of luck with those applications!


Second time’s a charm?: Undaunted by the failure to ratify the East/West Dragon, the Student Government has set to work on having a second attempt at creating and ratifying a Yale-NUS mascot. They’re on a very tight schedule so submit your mascot ideas at tinyurl.com/yncmascot.


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