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A tongue-in-cheek-view of events around school

Save the Date: The Octant has exclusively learned that May 29, 2017 is the day when the Class of 2017 finally leaves the nest. The date may change depending on the availability of the guests of honor by a day or two, but now might be a good time to let the parents know.

Honors: Speaking of graduation, Yale-NUS finally has a system for giving out honors, based on CAP. Summa Cum Laude to top 5%, Magna Cum Laude to the next top 10% and Cum Laude to the next 20%. That is 35% of the class getting an honor. There are a few restrictions to ensure that certain majors don’t dominate the list. Expect a lengthy update and analysis from The Octant on the system. But remember, you read it here first.

(Less than) Super Submissions: Stage one of the mascot voting concluded on Sunday, with the whale, kingfisher and clouded leopard going forward to the next round. Here are some of the highlights from the nomination period: generic white man holding a Chinese lantern, because “we are East meets West, but only one of the sides gets to be a person”; a “No” symbol imposed over the NUS and Yale logo’s respectively, because “we are not NUS” and “we are not Yale”;  and anus, because “if we’re okay with punning with Yale’s name, we should be okay with punning with NUS’ name as well.”

Cat Attack: There is a reason why the entire a cappella community at Yale-NUS has been feline enamoured. Thank you to the Yale Alley Cats for their clawsome meowsic on Sunday. We’re not kitten, it was purrfect… apologies for the catastrophic puns.

A Major Decision: Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for declaring their majors. We hope you didn’t stress too much. If the number of juniors changing their majors is anything to go by, you still have plenty of time to change to an Economics major.

Erratic Elevators: The elevators have changed… again. Now you can only stop at sky garden floors… except when you can’t. Some clarification would be much appreciated.

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