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A tongue in cheek look at life on campus

Good Friday?: The Octant hopes your good Friday wasn’t turned bad by all of your assignments and that everyone at Yale-NUS College was able to enjoy their three-day weekend. The Octant took this time to work on a special surprise for April 1… more to come.

Should you start praying to the bell curve god?: Speaking of religion, we wonder whether you should start praying hard to the bell curve god. This past week, Yale-NUS announced that its honors system will be determined by percentages, something that has not sat well with many students. Check out this week’s News section for more information!

King(fisher) of all Mascots?: Mascot voting is drawing to a close and, as The Octant went to press, it looks like you may end up rooting for the YNC-Kingfishers.. Raziel Finkleton would be proud. Ratification is set to take place from April 5-7, now with a lower majority of 50%.

Give her a Chan(ce): Ambassador Chan will be visiting Yale-NUS on March 30 for a closed door dialogue, hosted by the Student Government and G’Spot, for a conversation on Singapore’s human rights approach and treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Urbanisms: Mark (Joyce) your calendars! Yale-NUS College Arts Programs and Saga Residential College will host a two-day event this week entitled Urbanisms, a small academic conference and three, practice-based workshops examining the ways in which cities create places for arts.

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