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Clock Work

Ad Honorem: Do you think Latin makes everything sound fancier? If so, then this announcement is right up your alley. Specific faculty committees are actively discussing honors for the upcoming classes to address differences across majors. The policies on honors will be unveiled in early 2016, according to President Lewis. All we know for now is that they’ll likely be Latin. As always, you read it here first!

Vine up: The campus inside, as we can all see, is beautiful! However, the gates… not so much. In a bid to make them appear more friendly, vines will be made to crawl over the bars. We hope that happens soon and the gates appear less like a… “mental health facility” and “prison walls” are words we have heard most often.

YNC is Ballin’: Last Friday Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball beat Singapore University of Technology and Design 53-31 in a friendly game… Or was it 57-31?… Or was it 57-28? While nobody seems to know the exact score, Yale-NUS secured a comfortable victory. Well done to the team!

Tick Tock: The Fifth Wall staged a 24-hour play this past Saturday where they produced plays in 24 hours. The results were quite impressive and here’s a shout-out to the organizers and participants. It’s funny how much the 24-hour part reminds us of well… us, every weekend.

Welcome, welcome: Speaking of us, the staff of The Octant warmly welcome all new members to the paper. For those joining us on the Editorial Board, it’s not always 24 hours, you guys… or is it? For those joining us as contributing reporters, whip out your notebooks and get ready for the exciting ride up!


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