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Don’t be Alarmed: In a bid to keep the residents of Cendana fit and healthy, the fire alarms went off twice last week, causing all of the residents (well, all those who woke up) to have to trek over to the UTown Green in the middle of the night and early in the morning. As much as walking is a great form of exercise, it seems a bit strange that Cendana can’t gather in the perfectly “green” courtyards of Saga or Elm.

Starched Shirts: That was all we saw on campus last weekend when YIRPA hosted Yale-NUS Model ASEAN on campus. The event lasted three full days, but we heard on the grapevine that some faculty are not too happy with the event’s clash with a Common Curriculum class. Maybe science and politics just don’t mix. Or maybe it’s time to write another YIRPA exposé?

A Warm Welcome: Not everyone was in a starched shirt last weekend. One society, which shall go unnamed, decided to buck the trend of welcome teas in favor of an “unofficial gathering”, where holy water may or may not have been present. Needless to say, the event went on till the wee hours of the next day!

Don’t hold back: To coincide with the release of their website, the Student Government has released a survey on the Common Curriculum. So far the response has been lackluster, only matched by the response to its discussion groups on the same topic. Do 95% of students not care about their curriculum? Or perhaps they just need to move their complaints from their Facebook chats to the survey…

Go Team!: Yale-NUS (or should that be Team NUSYale-NUS?)got off to a cracking start in the Inter-Faculty Games. Our athletes have been playing hard, with women’s soccer placing second, so give them a pat on the back when you see them! But, perhaps wait until they’ve had a chance to shower.

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