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Politically Engaged: With the elections looming around the corner, you may want to find out which of the ten political parties you agree with most. To that end, five Yale-NUS juniors have created Electionaire, an online tool that measures the degree of agreement between users’ opinions and the policy stances of the parties. At press time, over 100,000 people have already found their political soulmates, so what are you waiting for?

Birthday Shoutout: A certain Editor-in-Chief of a certain organization just turned twenty this past week. Congratulations Spandana on living this long and putting up with our late night edits. Feel free to treat yourself to some holy water.

The Catcher in the Rye-ters Festival: Have the horde of essays not spoiled your appetite for writing? If not, then check out the American Writers’ Festival. Running from Sept. 14-18, the festival will feature four headline writers and the majority of events will be held on the Yale-NUS campus, so there’s no excuse not to attend.

Un-Safe Space: Last Friday, those offended and those defensive came together to discuss the recent string of Opinion articles in The Octant. From what we heard, many found the discussion on safe spaces fruitful. The word “empathy” may also have been thrown around.

No Ifs, No Butts: *Serious tone* Mysterious cigarette butts and ash have been floating into rooms in Saga, with someone’s bolster even catching fire. We know it’s a pain to walk down to the road, but we are sure Saga doesn’t want to be the new Cendana in the fire alarms department.  

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