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(Tan Jia Hui)
(Tan Jia Hui)

Wine and Dine: Students may have noticed our dining hall food became substantially better over the weekend. No, this wasn’t due to an increase in funding but due to families descending upon Yale-NUS for the third Annual Family Weekend. Speaking of funding, we loved the very conspicuously placed donation form. Perhaps if enough families donated, our dinners can always be this good!

Of Sunsets and Devils: In keeping with the sunset period of the Student Government, a committee of 15 people will lead the process of “revising and re-ratifying” the entire Student Government Constitution, to be completed before the stroke of midnight, Nov. 26, 2015. They’ve already voted to completely rewrite the constitution, so if you have any novel ideas for government, now’s the time to make your voices heard! Fingers crossed we don’t have a repeat of past controversies.

Feeling Hungry?: Three RCs with three food events on Thursday and Friday. Don’t forget to visit the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Cendana Dining Hall at 8 pm on Thursday. If mooncakes aren’t your thing, you could always pretend to be a Saga student and sneak into their Birthday Bash celebration at 7 pm, or be an Elmo and visit their study break on Friday, 9 pm. Plenty of opportunities for first-years to gain their freshman 15!

Suit Up: Hey upper-class students! Are you feeling envious of first-years right about now, with most of them jetting off to various countries? Relaxing in Bali not your thing either? Well, fear not, because CIPE has your back. They’ve organised a two-day Business Bootcamp on Sept. 21 and Sept. 23 for all the eager sophomores and juniors. So buckle your briefcase, tighten your tie and get ready to learn about business!

Rest and Shine: Whether you are recovering from or preparing for midterms and assignments, there are just three days to go for the mid-semester break. To save the freshies from FOMO, we won’t be publishing on Week 7 as well, but watch out for exclusive news breaks online during the period. See you around in three weeks’ time!

Update: The times and dates for the Saga Birthday Bash and the Elm study break have been updated for accuracy on Sept. 16 at 10.50 pm.

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