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(Tan Jia Hui)
(Tan Jia Hui)

Suit and Tie: This one will outrank the usual glitz of Opening Dinners and even the YIRPA photo shoots. In case you forgot, the Yale-NUS Campus Inauguration will be happening next Monday, Oct. 12. The College will play host to some really important people *cough* Prime Minister of Singapore *cough*. Click here for a list of other luminaries.

Everyone Likes a Party: This week, The Octant enters the Terrible Twos! In commemoration of our birthday, we are organizing a make-your-own ice cream sandwich birthday bash in the Elm Buttery from 8 pm to 10 pm on Oct. 12. Join us after the Inauguration hullabaloo to share your thoughts about the publication. There’s no excuse not to attend; we know you don’t have class that day.

Eager Goodbyes and Bittersweet Hellos: Now that the freshies are back from Week 7, we must say farewell to this short period of peace and serenity. We tried our best to miss you guys, but we didn’t miss the long waits for the elevator and the long lines in the dining hall. Post fewer photos on Facebook, please.

Born this Way: If you have been wondering about the campus design, here’s your chance to talk to the architects of the College. Elm College will be hosting a Rector’s Tea with them on Sunday, Oct. 11. We can finally find out if they really intended to have the gates close that slowly or if our walls will ever see color (even beige would do!).

Halloween Horrors: Last week, the College was rocked by a lot of discussion after a junior who shall go unnamed, because everyone knows who he is, proposed to have a Sook Ching Massacre themed Halloween House. Can we use Halloween as a platform to discuss serious issues? Or will we choose to continue with the usual scream-style slapstick haunted house? Stay tuned for updates.

Update: The time of The Octant’s birthday celebration has been updated.

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