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Commodification of Labor: Who knew there was such a market for cleaning services at Yale-NUS College? Over the weekend, competition in the Yale-NUS’ domestic service sector sprung up with two different students offering separate cleaning services to students. Will this lead to a bidding war? Or maybe they’ll join forces and form a monopoly? Either way, can one of you please go to suite #15-102 in Saga… they really need it! We’re open to crowdfunding this cleaning effort.

Media Hype: Publications in Singapore and New Haven decided to pick up on the fact that Yale-NUS Deans are moving on to higher positions last week, an issue The Octant put to rest on Aug. 26. The Octant’s Editors are amused to see that a few sources were common across all articles and cannot help but wonder where these other publications got their inspiration from. At least this time, there weren’t any students screaming foul about being misquoted in outside media.

Sass-quotient: Through the roof. At least that’s what a Dean’s Fellow told us about Clockwork last week while asking exactly who writes the column. To the DF: compliment well received. To all our readers who wonder how this column is written: the funniest editors get together to write it, while everyone present in the edit room on Sunday critique every word. Too many critiques = High-stress investment banking-like environment = High collective sass.

Birthday Bash: What? Did you think we’d only have one self-congratulatory snippet in this week’s clockwork? Well guess again! The Octant would like to thank you for attending our birthday bash on Monday… unless you didn’t, in which case, it’s your loss. People can expect our language skills to blossom and for us to become increasingly curious, much like a two-year-old.

Get Lifting, Ladies: Stock up on your Quest Bars, the Women’s Wrestling Excelsior (Arms) returns. Will anyone be able to dethrone last year’s champion? Will Damian Lee ’18 lose once again in the final death round? Find out on Nov. 6.

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