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Students Behind Counters

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story Vasudha Kataruka, Contributing Reporter
reporting John Hyung-Seok Kim, Contributing Reporter

On top of academic work and extracurriculars, students at Yale-NUS College work as Student Associates on campus. The type of work ranges from administrative to research. Students interviewed said these jobs allow them to practise their hobbies, connect to the College community and polish professional skills. In this article, we speak to various Student Associates about their jobs and present the perspectives from their employers.

Sara_Photo by Charis Lim

Sara Rotenberg ’19, Admissions Office (Charis Lim)

Job Description: “It varies day-by-day. I have some social media assignments for the admissions blog. If someone needs help with research, I help them with that. Some days I give tours.”
Highlight: “Admissions processes seems like a Pandora’s Box where you don’t know what’s going on. The EYW was a big part of why I came here, and it was organized by the Admissions and the Student Associates. I think it [was] great, so I wanted to be a part of it.”

Pragya_Photo by Fred Chang

Pragya Sethi ’19, Saga College Office (Fred Chang)

Job Description: “My job is pretty flexible. We have office hours every week for which we voluntarily sign up [for]. We work closely with Hui Tze, Senior Executive of Saga [College], make sure that the mail is being delivered to the people in Saga. We also work on building up the Saga pride and how the funds should be allocated in the Saga community.”

“We are the formal [student] representatives of the Saga College. Belonging to the Saga College community mattered a lot.”

Andrea_Photo by Zula Badral

Andrea Lee ’17, Development Office (Zula Badral)

Job Description: “I work as a guide for the Development Office giving tours to the friends of the school, so I try very hard to sell the school. I tell them about my positive experiences in school, share my own personal experience, and tell them why I believe Yale-NUS is such a great place.”

Highlight: “Once I gave a tour to a professor at Yale [University], and then the next week I received a card from him thanking me for giving him the tour. That was very nice.”

Nil_Photo by Carol Wang

Nilotpal Chakraborty ’19, Research Assistant with Assistant Professor in Science (Physics) Shaffique Adam (Carol Wang)

Job Description: “Right now what I am doing is trying to find connections between [Physics] theories and experiments and the different ideas that have influenced these theories. I’m not doing any experimental work at the moment. It is just literature search, and equipping myself with the knowledge to do hardcore research in this field.”

Highlight: “I was really interested in doing research for the first semester, so I looked up all the Physics [faculty] and I found the research that Professor Adam really interesting. I emailed him about it and met him when I arrived on campus. He offered me a few projects of which I chose the one I’m working on right now.”

Chris_Photo by Bozy Lu

Christopher Tee ’17, Elm Buttery (Bozy Lu)

Job Description: “I prepare food half-an-hour before service, and then I cook during the service.”

Highlight: “I took up the job because I really like cooking and it has been a hobby of mine ever since before school started. Currently we don’t have kitchens on campus as well, so the Buttery is really the only space in the school for me to cook. Cooking is a really nice stress-reliever near the end of the week. I also just love feeding my friends. So I thought the Buttery was just a really good excuse!”

Zhana Sandeva, Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), Career Services (Program Manager):

“Students are integral to many college-wide events, such as Experience Yale-NUS Week (EYW). It has allowed some faculty a lot of headway into their research because there is a lot of extra and good help. It is an opportunity for the faculty to train almost junior graduate students to work with them.”

Sara Amjad, Office of the Dean of Students, Manager (Diversity and Inclusion):

Firstly, [Student Associates] create a bridge between the Office [of the Dean of Students] and the general student body. There are some things that students can pick up on, which are harder for the staff to pick up on. It is important to have a student to be the face of events such as sharing sessions rather than staff.

“Two things are very important when you come in to do Student Associate, or actually any kind of job. One is flexibility and trusting the process. The other one would be openness and honesty. Openness to things that you might not be used to do, in a way you might not be used to do.”

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