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(Tan Jia Hui)
(Tan Jia Hui)


Elephant in the Elevator: For those who have been wondering who exactly put up the provocative posters demanding transparency in the elevators quoting excerpts from The Octant, we remain clueless as to who the person is. Poster person, your curiosity and close reading of The Octant has gained you a place on our radar, we would love to have you join us (and tell us who you really are)!

The Yale-NUS Guide to Survival: This weekend saw a return of the Lady who cried fire, i.e, an all-day testing of the fire alarm system. Inspired by the constant ringing in our ears, we decided to come up with a list of essentials required to survive your average October weekend: Earplugs, N95 masks, and German water.

Those Tall High School Kids: Add fortitude to the list above. Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball team played Overseas Family School over the weekend. We asked a few members of the team for the exact score, but apparently they were too traumatized by the loss that they all suppressed their memory of the exact score. All we know if that they lost by over 20 points.

The Ultimate Showdown: But, redemption may just be around the corner, at least for the Yale-NUS Men’s Basketball team. NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi are visiting Yale-NUS later this week and NYUSH men’s basketball team will be in attendance. Yes, Yale-NUS is the defending champion, and last we checked NYUSH players are a lot taller than Yale-NUS players. The game is at 4 pm on Saturday, Oct. 31, at the MPH. Be there.

Haunted Houses: Speaking of Oct. 31, no, we haven’t forgotten that it’s Halloween. Regardless of who wins the game, we are sure everyone will be scampering for their dose of fear and excitement. There will also be a Halloween mixer at 10.30 pm at the Cendana dining hall. In the organizers words, “Dress to impress. Or not.”

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