Student Journalism: What’s the Point? | The Octopod | Ep. 3

Student Journalism: What’s the Point? | The Octopod | Ep. 3
The Octopod

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Guests: Dave Chappell, Tom Brenner, Prof. Lage-Otero

We’re changing things up a bit! In the third episode of The Octopod, Harrison, Alysha, Reza, and Terence investigate the history of student journalism at Yale-NUS, in particular that of The Octant, Yale-NUS’ first and only student newspaper. Guests include The Octant‘s former Editor-in-Chief Dave Chappell, its Faculty Advisor Prof. Lage-Otero, and its informal external advisor, Tom Brenner.

Listen, enjoy, and stay tuned for more!


Ed: The intro to this episode states that The Octant‘s previous name, Panopt, was based on social theorist Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon. We wish to clarify that this was entirely coincidental, and a reason for the change of names.


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