Kites have no need for designated parks.

Designated Parks: Notes on Academic Freedom

story | Shawn Hoo, Guest Contributor photo | Conal Gallagher and Dave Chappell “We still fly our kites In designated parks.” (Alfian Sa’at, “Apathy,” A History of Amnesia) In many ways, Yale-NUS College carves out an odd space within Singapore’s landscape of freedom—as odd as Speakers’ Corner’s perimeters perhaps—things happen here with little resistance where […]

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To the Infants of Yale-NUS

story Raeden Richardson and Kaushik Swaminathan Dear Class of 2019, There are upperclassmen who will graduate from Yale-NUS College with a degree but no education. Some have childishly avoided threatening ideas and have no mental resolve to encounter morally confronting situations. As you, the Class of 2019, begin life at this college you should not sit […]

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