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Tag: Academics

Red Tape or Confidentiality? Restrictions Surround Information Sharing, Student Engagement For New College Working Groups

WG Student representatives are not required to carry consultations with students without an approval or request from their Chairs, said Prof. Ho Teck Hua.

Which NUS Modules do Yale-NUS Students Take?

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences comprised 61% of all NUS module enrollments by Yale-NUS students in the last five semesters.

Visiting Professor’s ‘Anti-Muslim’ Op-ed Draws Concern From Students

Visiting Professor Shaul Mishal’s 2018 Haaretz Op-ed drew concerns from students over its similarities to white nationalist talking points. Alysha reports.

A Liberal Education Should Interrogate Wealth and Power, Not Just Serve Them

story | Jim Sleeper, Guest Writer photo | StockSnap.io   Long before Yale trustees ever thought of co-founding a liberal arts college with NUS, some of them...

The Promise of Academic Freedom at Yale-NUS

Where is the boundary drawn between academic freedom and freedom of expression? Daryl writes on the subject.

Writers’ Centre Review

Recently, there has been much confusion surrounding the future of the Writers’ Centre. Alysha and Ambika report on the changes.

Yale-NUS Concurrent Degree Programme with NUS School of Computing

story | Dion Ho,  Contributing Reporter photo | Dion Ho, Contributing Reporter Yale-NUS College plans to introduce its fourth concurrent degree programme next year,...

You Cannot Do It (All)

story | Cheryl Cosslett and Simonas Bartulis, Guest Contributors illustration |  Justin Ong, Editor-in-Chief   For the biggest, most competitive and prestigious debating tournament in Asia in...

The Development of Smart Technology in Yale-NUS

Story Dion Ho, Contributing Reporter Photo Jiang Haolie , Contributing Photographer Two exciting technological changes will be coming to Yale-NUS. Firstly, in November this year, Yale-NUS...

A Plea from a Non-ES Graduating Senior…

story |  Rachel Ong, Guest Contributor photo | Dave Chappell What do you think is the greatest challenge confronting humans today? Do you feel our liberal...

School Suspends Online Shift for Ancient Greek Following Complaints

story | Jasmine Gan, Contributing Reporter photo | Odelia Teo Yale-NUS College has suspended plans to move Ancient Greek language modules from face-to-face to online...

Global Antiquity and Chinese Studies Approved as Yale-NUS’s First Interdisciplinary Minors

story | Justin Ong, Managing Editor photo | Penguin Classics Starting in August, Yale-NUS College students can better indulge their interests in the old world. Global...

42% of Yale-NUS Upperclass Students Declare Minors

story | David Chappell, Editor-in-Chief photo | David Chappell Nearly half of the senior and juniors have declared minors, a breakdown of minor declarations has revealed....

MCS Replaces PPE as most Popular Major for Class of 2019

story | David Chappell, Editor-in-Chief photo | Yale-NUS College Admissions & Financial Aid and David Chappell The number of Yale-NUS College students declaring as science majors...

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