Wednesday, February 8, 2023



Architects of Failure: the “New College’s” Poorly Constructed Student Experience

David discusses how Yale-NUS architecture was designed and how it speaks the unfeasibility of the New College.

The Death and Life of Great Halcyon RCs

Drawing on ideas from researches on public spaces, Thomas discusses the factors that determine whether a residential college's courtyard feels lively or dead.

Walking with William: Disability Access on Campus

After tearing his ACL, William found himself dealing with the challenges of getting around campus on a wheelchair. He tells us why he thinks Yale-NUS needs to think about better accommodating disabled students.

Unwelcome to our Campus

story | Yip Jia Qi, Opinion Editor photo | Yip Jia Qi Although Yale-NUS College as a student entity is diverse and by no means painted...

Detailing the Distinct Architecture of Yale-NUS

story David Chia, Arts Editor In July 2010, Yale-NUS College’s parent institutions—Yale University and the National University of Singapore (NUS)—posed a challenge to Pelli Clarke Pelli...

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